People skills for digital workers
22-23 Sept. 2014, London

Change your work

Does your team find it difficult to create an environment that supports collaboration? Do others seem to resist your contributions? Do you have trouble listening to yourself and letting go of external validation? At #dareconf you’ll learn skills and techniques to:

  • turn conflict into collaboration,
  • feel confident about your contributions, and
  • align your work with your values.

Be inspired by talks, reflect on your work, commit to change

Take part in a full and varied learning experience over two days:

  • Each talk combines a personal story with practical tools you’ll apply to your work (watch this example from Gabriel Smy)
  • Reflect on your work, share your experiences, and participate in informal conversations built into the programme
  • Meet people during facilitated workshop activities
  • Take home a personalised workbook with next steps from each presentation

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What does dareconf feel like? (2 min. trailer)

What people said about #dareconf 2013

“I've never been to an event where I've felt so comfortable and got on with as many people… I am recommending it to people as something entirely unique and reflective, not bothering with ‘technical talks’ but with the stuff that makes up over 50% of our jobs.” Peter Bowyer

“#dareconf exceeded my expectations. The programme was a wonderful mix of mind-stretching inspirational stories and practical content. The delegates were all friendly and interesting and shared lots of thoughts, experiences and ideas.” Sally Bean

“#dareconf gave me a variety of fresh perspectives on what ‘people skills’ really means and valuable approaches to the challenges that leadership brings… I’ve already recommended it to others as I think it’s fantastic to have a conference in the digital industry that is not solely focused on technical skills and techniques.” Simon Plenderleith

“The whole conference was an enlightening personal experience for me - normally you never get told that what you do is good enough and that it's ok to make failures and learn from them. It was inspiring, touching and I got the feeling that I understand others and myself better now.” Brigitte Alice Radl

Apply for the #dareconf 2014 talk development programme

We’re inviting applications for a 20-week talk development programme for #dareconf (closes 31 March 2014).

Who’s behind this?

At Together London we make safe spaces for digital work. We’ll make sure everyone at #dareconf has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reach us at or Together London.

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