People skills for digital workers
22-23 Sept. 2014, The Barbican, London

Collaboration bootcamp

portrait of Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Hoffman (USA)

To create digital experiences that meet user needs and business goals we need to collaborate. But group work often leads to watered-down ideas, damaged by “groupthink” and compromise. I’ll teach you a more effective way to collaborate, called “the Interaction Method”. You’ll use it to structure group decisions and capture them while staying open to new ideas. You’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt the role of facilitator by putting aside your knowledge and managing the conversation to draw out actionable information.
  • Allow time for ideas to breathe before judging them or jumping to solutions, using the pattern of opening, exploring, and closing.
  • Create a visual map of the conversation to help people remember longer narratives instead of repeating themselves or focusing on the last few points.

About Kevin

Kevin M. Hoffman is a design strategist who’s built web stuff since 1995. He founded the distributed design network Seven Heads Design. Formerly he served as Experience Director for the award-winning web design agency Happy Cog.

Who’s behind this?

At Together London we organise events about collaboration. We’ll make sure everyone at #dareconf has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reach us at or Together London.

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