People skills for digital workers
22-23 Sept. 2014, The Barbican, London

Listening bootcamp

portrait of Jonathan Kahn

Jonathan Kahn (UK)

Waiting for our turn to speak is easy. True listening is hard. When we give another person our full attention and attempt to put ourselves in their situation, we build trust, empathy, and connection. In this interactive workshop you’ll learn listening techniques from facilitation, conflict resolution, and improvisation. Learn to:

  • Build on other people’s ideas by saying, “yes, and…”
  • Understand feelings of anger and resentment—in yourself and others—by discovering the unmet needs that cause them.
  • Turn awkward conversations into productive relationships.

About Jonathan

Jonathan organises #dareconf and the London Agile Content Meetup. He leads workshops about people skills.

Who’s behind this?

At Together London we organise events about collaboration. We’ll make sure everyone at #dareconf has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reach us at or Together London.

Jonathan Kahn

Jonathan Kahn

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