People skills for digital workers
22-23 Sept. 2014, The Barbican, London

Learn to be confident without faking it

portrait of Rob Mansfield

Rob Mansfield (UK)

Self-confidence seems to be the Holy Grail: the key to success that we can never reach. Instead of boosting our self-esteem and developing our self-confidence, we fake it by putting up a front. When we spend effort pretending we’re someone else, we can’t trust others—if we let down our guard, they might find out who we really are! So we try to do everything ourselves, which blocks collaboration.

To find meaning in your work, you need to collaborate. You can build genuine self-confidence—and let down your guard—by identifying the behaviours you want to change and learning to appreciate yourself for who are you are. Learn to:

  • Reflect on your self-beliefs—eg, “I’m not qualified to do my job”—so you can recognise how silly they sound and reframe them.
  • Identify what motivates you, so you can find meaning in your work and engage with other people to achieve your goals.
  • Achieve self-confidence by finding “flow” in work that builds your autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

About Rob

Rob is a “content guy”, having spent 10 years in magazines and another 9 working in digital for the likes of AOL, IPC Media and Age UK. He loves quizzes and hates criticism.

Who’s behind this?

At Together London we organise events about collaboration. We’ll make sure everyone at #dareconf has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reach us at or Together London.

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