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22-23 Sept. 2014, The Barbican, London

Life is long: find happiness now

portrait of Rachel McAlpine

Rachel McAlpine (New Zealand)

Sometimes you feel as if your whole life will slip away before you achieve your goals. As you struggle with constant change and endless chores and challenges, it’s difficult to see the big picture. But instead of treating life as a competition, choose to slow down and appreciate what you already have. You may be amazed to discover how long you’re likely to live: so what’s the hurry? At 74 I’m technically old, and I’m still a happy, healthy, and productive digital worker. I’ll tell you my secret: I don’t chase after happiness, I find it under my nose. You can keep your mind young—whatever your chronological age—by adopting my mantras: “be kind” and “have an adventure”. Learn to:

  • Generate calmness and confidence in yourself and others by being kind.
  • Keep excitement, spontaneity, and creativity in your life by being open to adventure.
  • Stay happy by paying attention to the little things.

About Rachel

Rachel has spent approximately 10 years playing, 10 years studying, 10 years mothering, 10 years teaching, 10 years writing, 2 years professing, 3 years dithering, and 19 years working with web content. Four children, four grandchildren, 30 books and one company: Contented Enterprises.

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