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22-23 Sept. 2014, The Barbican, London

How to stop being an expert

portrait of Jasmine Probst

Jasmine Probst (USA)

By playing the expert, we seek to feel powerful and safe. But it often blocks creativity and teamwork. We end up frightened of failure and frustrated when others don’t seem to recognise our work.

What happens when you shift your mindset from expert to facilitator? Instead of pressuring yourself to deliver the “right” solution, help your team to make decisions together. You’ll liberate yourself and build trust. Learn to:

  • Work together by letting go of the need to impress people with your ideas.
  • Feel confident about your skills by using them to support your peers instead of trying to prove your worth.
  • Discover opportunities to learn and grow by getting comfortable with not having the answer.

About Jasmine

Jasmine works as a content strategist at Facebook. She is part of the team that recently launched a new app called Slingshot.

Who’s behind this?

At Together London we organise events about collaboration. We’ll make sure everyone at #dareconf has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reach us at or Together London.

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